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Nowadays it is well known that current and future consumers are people who are very conscious of their diet and therefore their interests in this regard are:

    • Natural, nutritious and healthy products.
    • Products or foods that stimulate the immune system.

Which is why agri-food companies, especially after the pandemic, have been concerned about the healthy and nutritious transformation of perishable natural products from agriculture.

Ackee's House has therefore dedicated itself to the development not only of natural, healthy and nutritious products, but also ones that are very tasty, without preservatives or artificial colors.

    • Natural hot sauces full of ingredients (antioxidants) highly beneficial for the human body.
    • Sauces designed to enhance the flavor of foods. Free of preservatives and artificial colors.
    • Jams with low sugar content, where the fruit itself prevails.
    • Dip made from a very nutritious fruit (Ackee) with beneficial fat contents equal to or very similar to those of avocado.

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