About Us

We are a family business that was born from the combination of two dreamers, father and daughter, who combined their knowledge, experiences and skills to give Limonense's native products an added value that makes them exquisite, innovative, easy-to-consume products that extend their useful life, rescuing values, traditions and gastronomic customs of the Costa Rican Caribbean Zone.


The Dreamers

Prospero Bruce Sterling

Agricultural Engineer by profession, lover of Afro-descendant and Caribbean culture, with special focus on rescuing the agricultural and gastronomic traditions characteristic of the province of Limón, Costa Rica.


Betsy Gutiérrez Fallas

Lawyer, merchant, in love with interaction with people and special customer service, dynamic and always motivated by achieving goals and meeting objectives.


Together, they have devised the perfect recipe for the development of this venture that has gone beyond the taste of Limón and has managed to captivate even the most diverse palate with its delicious flavors, reaching different areas of Costa Rica and beyond.

Our Mission

La Casa de Ackee is a business from Limón that offers quality products that represent the rich gastronomic culture of the Costa Rican Caribbean, through healthy and authentic culinary experiences.

Our Vision

Be recognized nationally as ambassadors of the Limón gastronomic cultural heritage, elevating local products to culinary delicacies. Through the preservation and fusion of Caribbean customs with Costa Rican gastronomic culture and through this combination, promote regional development with social responsibility and sustainable commitment

Our Values

Creativity and innovation

We seek to give added value to indigenous products through the innovation of exquisite and innovative products, constantly developing new ideas and promoting the creation of new products or production processes.

Quality and Nutrition

We provide quality products and the culture of the region, as well as seeking to educate about nutritional benefits, to give value to quality and nutrition, and reflect our commitment to excellence and health.



Social Responsability

Our vision includes a commitment to social responsibility and the development of the region. Our organizational value is focused on highlighting the Caribbean culture through our products, as well as making the Limonense workforce known, strengthening our commitment to service and the environment.


As a company we believe that “La Casa del Ackee” demonstrates an exceptional commitment to ethics by prioritizing transparency and full disclosure of the ingredients and raw materials used in our products. We believe that our ethical approach strengthens the company's relationship with customers.

Contact Us

Whatsapp: 8742-2923